TRU Level 1 First Aid Course

On 25th October 2020 the Thailand Rugby Union held a level 1 First Aid in Rugby seminar in Bangkok

In collaboration with the Department of Physical Therapy and the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, the Rugby Football Association of Thailand (TRU) organized a workshop entitled “World Rugby Level 1 First Aid in Rugby” ran by certified trainers from the International Rugby Federation.

The newly elected Chief Medical Advisor to the Northern Thailand Rugby Organization, Dr. Pongson Yaicharoen, attended the course to get accreditation. Dr. Pongson is now qualified to run the courses here in the North which will increase the medical knowledge of coaching staff, players and officials and increase safety for all participants at rugby matches.

The course focused on building the knowledge about patient evaluation and DRABC. Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing, and Circulation procedures.

Dr. Pongson explained the procedures he went through during the course. “The first step, was to complete many online modules on the World Rugby website. After completing each module, an online certificate is issued which is compulsory to be able to attend the level 1 medical seminar.” ” This seminar gave me hands-on experience as after the lecture the instructor asked us to perform all the maneuver’s, i.e MILS (manual in line stabilization), HAINES (high arm in endangered spine) & log roll.” ” The instructor then gave me rugby player injury scenario’s and let me decide what I have to do and if I did something wrong, she then told me how to improve my treatment.”

Dr. Pongsong concluded “In summary, what I’ve learned during this seminar were, DRABC -danger, response, airway, breathing, and circulation, Concussion, bleeding and shock, choking, and CPR recovery techniques.”

Dr. Pongsong is assistant professor in the Dept. of Physiology at Chiang Mai University Hospital and a graduate Ph.D. in physiology of exercise from UWA (University of Western Australia).

Northern Thailand Rugby intends to run quarterly courses in the region to raise awareness amongst the rugby communities and raise the standard of medical care provided at games and tournaments.

The trainees were certified as World Rugby Level 1 Medical staff , which will raise the standard of Thai Rugby medical staff in this field, to the next level.

Medical level 1 is a course to learn basic knowledge of first aid assessment and techniques to take care of injured rugby players.

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