Youth Rugby on the Rise

Lanna Lions Cubs Youth Development

As the current 2020 Lanna Rugby 10s league takes a couple of weeks break, due to CMU Rugby and TNSU CMI Rugby teams preparing for their upcoming appearances at the TRU National 7’s finals in Bangkok, it was the perfect opportunity for the Lanna Rugby Club to continue the clubs policy of helping to developing youth rugby in Chiang Mai.

A beautiful afternoon in the sunshine at the The Sankhampeng Kanta Anusorn School, home ground of the Lanna Lions Rugby Club, saw 17 kids of all ages, boys and girls, enjoy a continuation of their rugby development began by Lanna Rugby team founder Tom Stubley and Lanna Rugby captain Dave McRitchie a few weeks ago.

After some warm up exercises they were divided into lines to do passing, stamina and support drills before moving on to some contact work on the pads. Lanna Lions’ Tom Stubley said “It’s so great to see so many children getting involved in rugby, even more so to see that some have got a great knack for the game”. “Our youth teams are constantly building. I am excited to see what the future holds!”

The kids’ enthusiasm and laughter is infectious and they really enjoyed smashing into the pads and learning how to offload in contact. This week was a big step up from their previous session and they have taken wholeheartedly to the sport with no doubt, some stars of the future, in their ranks.

Lanna Captain Dave McRitchie, a rugby veteran of many campaigns, was enthusiastic when saying “Saturday was a another great opportunity for Lanna Rugby Club to engage with the youth of Northern Thailand”. Watching the kids learn and enjoy the game of rugby and just being kids, always brings a smile to my face”.

To finish off the session the kids were divided up into two teams for a fun session of touch rugby. As the program progresses the plan is to develop boys and girls teams to compete in regional competitions as well as helping to develop life and social skills along the way.

All age groups and nationalities are welcome to come down and join in fun. The youth development program will continue next week 31st October at the same venue.

For more information contact Tom Stubley

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