Cubs Rugby Grows

The Lion Cub’s Continues to Grow!

Bright blue skies and sunshine lit up the Sankhampeng Kanta Anusorn School, home ground of the Lanna Lions Rugby Club, for the latest edition of the Lanna Rugby Club’s youth development program with over 25 kids, many of them new faces, turning out for another session of their continuing rugby education.

As usual Lions Captain Dave McRitchie & Lions founder Tom Stubley took the session and started with some fun warm up games to get the kids focused and ready for action.

Moving on to passing drills it was immediately apparent that, with the kids attending the recent TRU 7’s and the Lanna 10s League games, they had learned a lot and incorporated that into their training, with the more experienced kids passing that info on to the new comers. The attacking lines were more precise, the passing crisper and all round general enthusiasm for the game was higher as they begin to understand the basics of the game.

Mid session saw the enthusiasm raise even more as the tackle shields were introduced giving the kids an opportunity to blow off steam, energy and indulge in spontaneous laughter as they smashed into the pads. Once again the skill level had been raised up a notch since last week with heavier hits and quicker offloads.

The end of the session was a traditional game of touch rugby. Even here you could see that the idea was getting through as, what was in the past a free for all, was now beginning to have some structure with the teams trying to keep their shape and passing the ball backwards.

The fun, laughter and enthusiasm are endearing and a lot of praise has to go to Tom & Dave for making this possible for the kids to enjoy.

There will be another session next week at 13.30 before the continuation of the Lanna 10’s rugby league tournament with Payap taking on TNSU CMI in the first game followed by Lanna Rugby Club against CMU Rugby.

All age groups are welcome, boy’s and girl’s, so come on down and join in the fun!

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