Lanna Rugby 10s League

6th October 2020

The 2020 Lanna Rugby 10’s League season is in full swing with three games of the scheduled 10 game season including the finals complete.

Four teams CMU Rugby, Lanna Lions Rugby, Payap Rugby Club and TNSU CMI Rugby are competing for this year honours’. At this stage of the season The Lanna Lions Rugby Club are leading the standings after three victories, with the other three teams locked in a battle for second and the coveted finals spot.

With six games remaining in the round robin stages however, that can all change, as injuries, fatigue and the increased skill level of teams will all have a say in how the final will look on December 12.

It has already shown over the last three weeks that playing regular rugby has increased the skill levels, stamina and general awareness of the game in all the teams as opposed to playing knock out tournaments once or twice every couple of months.

Some good news this week as the Sankhampeng Kanta Anusorn School was confirmed as the new home of Lanna Rugby and will be the venue for all remaining league games except for when CMU Rugby are the host team as they will play their games at Chiang Mai University.

We hope to increase next years competition to six or eight teams with perhaps the return of the Chiang Mai All Stars who were last years champions and a debut for the CMU Engineers and Maejo Rugby Clubs. A possible second Lions team depending on numbers is also being looked at.

Developing a Northern representative side to represent the region in competitions in 2021 around the country and abroad will also become a priority moving forwards.

League Table After 3 Rounds

Fixtures For The 2020 Season

For more information on joining the 2021 league please contact us on or with the form below

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