TRU World Rugby Level 1 Refs and Coaching 7s Level 2 Courses Complete

Over the weekend of 27th & 28th of November 2021 the TRU Northern Division hosted the World Rugby Level 1 referees 7’s & the Level 2 Coaching 7’s courses at the Payap University Business campus in Ruamchoke district in Chiang Mai.

The Chiang Mai Cobras were honoured to have been invited by the TRU to have participants attend the course.

Club chairman Dave McRitchie completed the Coaching 7’s Level 2 course which is a competency-based accreditation course which builds on the Level 1 course and further develops tactical and technical coaching as well as coaching process skills in a practical-based environment.

Club secretary Pat Cotter and Rowan Carroll completed the level 1 refereeing 7’s course which is an attendance-based course which helps the novice referee to referee the basic components of the game in a practical-based environment.

The World Rugby educators were led by Level 3 educator Mike McFarlane and his assistant Khun Yao who ran the 7’s coaching course and WR level 3 educator Nattapong “KK” and TRU Director of Officials Pornchai Prachaniyom ran the refs course.

Both courses were well attended with over 20 participants on each course. Both theory and practical situations were discussed and applied throughout the weekend. The sounds of laughter during the practical sessions showed the level of participation and enjoyment that everyone got from the courses.

Cobras chairman Dave McRitchie said “Another great weekend learning more about 7s and refereeing rugby. This was also a chance to connect with the local Chiang Mai and greater Thailand rugby community. Cobras Rugby Club is grateful for the opportunity and would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Thailand Rugby Union for their excellent work hosting and administering these two courses.”

The Chiang Mai Cobras would like to thank TRU Northern Rugby’s Kiattichai Noptakul, who was on hand to oversee and record the weekends events. We would like to thank the TRU for the opportunity for the Cobras team to continue their rugby education to bring quality coaching and refereeing to their game.

Pat Cotter when asked said “It was fantastic to see Mike McFarlane, KK and the team of WR educators do their stuff. They are truly first class, offering clear and precise instruction and open to any queries and ideas that might arise. We look forwards to continuing the association in the coming months.”

The Cobras aim to continue offering coaching educational opportunities to the local Chiang Mai & expat rugby scene by hosting another level 2 World Rugby 15’s Coaching Course early in 2022.

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